What and why ?

Now you can share your love for thebest YouTube videos, as you’re joined by friends and strangers inlive chat from across the globe. You’ll choose your video category (gaming/science/etc), then sit back and relax, as handpicked videos are played for you and everyone who is watching the same channel.

It’s fun. It’s interactive. But, most of all, it’s tailored to you.

No more trawling through random videos that bore you. You can now enjoy YouTube’s latest and greatest videos, picked for you, while you’re surrounded by friends.

And, why is YourTV so confident that you’ll love whichever channel you choose? Because, each video isrecommended by you and your friends. That’s right. You recommend the videos you think people would love to enjoy. YourTV then performs the magic. And, there you have it; uninterrupted, video bliss.

It doesn’t matter whether its 4pm or 4am, you’re guaranteed friends to chat live with while you watch. From France to Brazil, and everywhere in between, people can come together to enjoy the show. Now there’s no more waiting for days for replies to your comments. Instead, within seconds, you’ll have everyone discussing what you think about what you’re all watching.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose yourtheme and let YourTV show you the best videos from across the web, while you chat about them with your new friends.

How do you pick video ?

We have to begin from something. For the launch of each new channel, video are selected by us. Some video may be irrelevant. After that, video are suggested by anybody for any channel. We check if the video suit well the channel and we add it.

For the futur, we would like to give all the power of video selection to the YourTV community.

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